The occupation at 38 Greene Street ended at 8PM on Sunday October 23rd, 28 hours after it began.

The administrators of the Artists Space, under the influence of their board of directors, brought in a paid private security force of five to affirm the sanctity of their non-profit private property.

Earlier, the Executive Director and his minions (apparently ignorant of their own exploitation and unwilling to join in the occupation) had been rudely shoved aside by a fraction of the movement which attempts, in sometimes distorted ways, to develop a critique of the existent. Clinging to the veneer of legitimacy still provided, in some minds, by the non-profit industrial complex, he took advantage of the occupiers’ patience and tolerance to hinder, as best he could, any real flourishing of rebellion in the space he had formerly controlled. 

Threatening and reminding us of the illegal nature of the occupation and his power to bring down the NYPD on our heads, he belligerently intimidated while farcically insisting on his sympathy with the movement. If he did not immediately use police violence to evict the occupation, this was of course only because of his cowardly attachment to his so-called “radical” credentials, status and image.

But this was expected and predicted. We wasted enough words on the importance of the history of the space, so enclosed in its own past political work, that it is prevented from seriously engaging with the present. We were asked many times why we chose this space. We exposed all sides of the misunderstandings of the so-called New York radical scene. If we had had support we would have simply influenced the course of events, but that to us would have appeared as a false success. What for our enemies is weakness and naivety, for us are the tools to open up spaces that do not give any account of how and what action means, and what is its credibility.

We battle with saboteurs, camouflaged socialists, intellectual skepticism; and we say: Let’s occupy something else. Now we know who we can invite. The ones that don’t wish only for progress to our movement, but the efforts of our bodies to expose and threaten, to break structures and clichés which are not bound only in the arena of a bureaucratic village.  

In this process we are educated about tactics of friend and enemy. 

This was just a beginning. How can the rest of New York City remain unoccupied? It can’t. We will occupy everything.

They are attempting eviction now!!!

Several security individuals from the building have entered the space and are now preparing to evict us. We now see the face of the art ideology as its true form: ex-cops in suits. We are here and are calling for all to come and help prevent the eviction of Manhattan’s first indoor occupied building

Come now to 38 Greene Street

Tonight 10pm: 2 films being screened!
“squatting in hamburg” and “empire st. pauli”

Tomorrow 12 noon: open discussion on “occupation”

Anonymous asked: What are the parameters of your moderation? Questions have been asked, but are not represented here. Who is moderating / negotiating / permitting / omitting this blog? What questions are being allowed / validated / denied?

There are many questions to be answered and we are trying to answer everyone carefully. Please come down and speak with the people here for more information. There are workshops, screenings, and projects currently being planned. We have openly invited participants of occupy wall street/the occupennial to come and use the space as an extension of their projects. We will try and post more information about this here but the best point of information is to come and participate with the general assemblies here.

Anonymous asked: This is nauseating. And as far as I can tell has nothing to do with OWS.

we will place you on stack and your concerns will be addressed.

Anonymous asked: Artist space, doing political work? Really? That they managed to pull their program out of a pure irrelevancy of New York non-profit programming does not equal political relevance or political work. This space like many has in last decades lost touch. Yes, it has many artists on the board, yes, probably those who support the space, probably support the occupation of wall street, but let them also support this. One day, they may even be thankful. How best to support ows, generalize the occupation

we are here generalizing. come join us.

Occupation 38 Greene Street

The newly acquired occupied space in Lower Manhattan, which, unlike Zuccotti Park, provides luxurious bathroom and central heating, has just conducted its first official general assembly. Like all contested spaces that call into question its institutional usages, the space did not come without struggle. Ironically enough, this struggle was not with the police, but with the supposedly politicized character of art world industry in New York.

Amidst accusations of moral deficiency and political immaturity, the same accusations wielded by the owners of Zuccotti Park at the start of its occupation, the former administrators of the space have fortunately vacated from the premises. To desperately claim profit or non-profit obscures the fact that both assertions of public and private stay within the categorization of the limits of capitalist thought; something which should never be forgotten when engaged with struggles that call into question the ahistorical and eternal value of property.

Refusing to allow the growing global occupation movement to be reduced to mere symbolic exhibitionism or panel-talk, the participants of this new space are not hosted by paternalistic aesthetic discourse.

What this space needs now is bodies with voices. Those interested in expanding the undeniably diverse movement should direct themselves to 38 Greene Street in Soho, 3rd floor, yet another void-neighborhood that needs to be filled.


Anonymous asked: yes it all seems pretty 'general' anyway, I cant wait to see the assembly of this!!!