Occupation 38 Greene Street

The newly acquired occupied space in Lower Manhattan, which, unlike Zuccotti Park, provides luxurious bathroom and central heating, has just conducted its first official general assembly. Like all contested spaces that call into question its institutional usages, the space did not come without struggle. Ironically enough, this struggle was not with the police, but with the supposedly politicized character of art world industry in New York.

Amidst accusations of moral deficiency and political immaturity, the same accusations wielded by the owners of Zuccotti Park at the start of its occupation, the former administrators of the space have fortunately vacated from the premises. To desperately claim profit or non-profit obscures the fact that both assertions of public and private stay within the categorization of the limits of capitalist thought; something which should never be forgotten when engaged with struggles that call into question the ahistorical and eternal value of property.

Refusing to allow the growing global occupation movement to be reduced to mere symbolic exhibitionism or panel-talk, the participants of this new space are not hosted by paternalistic aesthetic discourse.

What this space needs now is bodies with voices. Those interested in expanding the undeniably diverse movement should direct themselves to 38 Greene Street in Soho, 3rd floor, yet another void-neighborhood that needs to be filled.


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